"Cotton, silk, wool, modal, viscose, linen fibers... with a long and laborious production process, transforming them to obtain yarn is a gratifying feeling.
Over time, I was inspired by the desire to create something unique, personlized, a tailor craftshop, a brand”.

Fabio Ferraricreator of Jane 22

The creative ardour, the desire and the harmony of the team’s ideas,
led to the creation of Jane 22,
a brand that embodies different souls:

the value of Italian craftsmanship, of manual and meticulous work that turns the manufacturer into an artist,

contemporary innovation with the gaze always looking for singularity,

and creativity committed to exalting the uniqueness of our work.

New and Innovative tailoring crafts

We want to create something unique for you

Our Jane 22 T-shirts are embellished with sparkling Swarovski crystals, on exclusive designs created by our design staff, all manually packaged in the artisan workshop by our passionate collaborators, always searching for innovation.

From the moment of placing your order, delivery takes place not earlier than 5 days: the garment is in fact personalized, created on your order, in a limited edition.

We are ready to meet any need.

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According to Fair Trade and Eco-Sustainable

The cotton T-shirts used for our creations are produced from 100% organic cotton yarns, to obtain comfortable, natural, pleasant to wear and longer lasting garments, which comes from the attention of Jane 22 towards ecological problems.

The high quality raw material used, , is produced through natural methods and substances that respect and do not harm the environment and man, with a view to environmental sustainability.

All steps, from sowing to harvesting, to spinning, are constantly monitored to ensure an eco-friendly product, made in full compliance with international laws for an ethical and human approach of the company.

We are committed to a concrete sustainability through the purchase of our products from Fairwear Foundation affiliated companies (Corporate Social Responsibility), with high standard certifications (GOTS, OE 100, OE Blended, OEKO TEX, REACH), tangibly demonstrating our support and adoption of sustainable practices.