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Custom luxury t-shirts with Swarovski

It was born «Jane22»

From Paratico Fabio and Laura Ferrari (father and daughter) launch exclusive online “sweaters-jewel”

by Chiara Daffini

BRESCIA. Who knows how it feels to go around wearing 2,640 Swarovski crystals? Soon someone can give an answer. The e-commerce portal Jane22 has been online for a few days now, a newborn made up of luxury t-shirt made in Paratico. The idea came to 54 year old Fabio Ferrari and his daughter Laura, 24, who, together with Fabio Olivari (class 1991), in a year and a half gave birth to a brilliant – in every sense – example of «Italian object ».

«I have worked for years in the world of textiles, as director of yarn companies – explains Fabio Ferrari -, while my daughter and her partner founded a company that produces sports and industrial gadgets, the Blue Omnia. We have therefore decided to combine my business experience with their skills with printing, embroidery and thermofixing machines to launch a brand based on creativity ».

Said and not really (immediately) done, since the search for the right collaborators took about eighteen months: “The investment – Ferrari specifies – has been relatively contained in terms of money, but very high in terms of time and energy”.

In detail. With 20 thousand euros and a lot of perseverance, the project has finally taken shape: on the t-shirt, in cotton, modal or linen, the drawings of the designer Francesca Sara Seghezzi are printed (the first collection, shown on the website, consists of six motifs: a parrot, a necklace, two palms, a jellyfish, a glass of mojito and a flower), followed by the application of the crystals, which Ferrari only buys from Swarovski suppliers.

There are from 600 to 2,000 crystals on a t-shirt, whose production strictly manual, requires four to twelve hours. These are the factors that determine the price: the cheapest shirt – with the printing of a necklace on which 620 crystals are applied – costs 230 euros, while the most expensive – two palms embellished with 2,640 Swarovski – reaches 360 euros.
Jewels, more than clothing, thought above all as a gift idea: the t-shirt reaches the lucky recipient inside a clutch bag containing the warranty certificate: «I keep all supplier invoices – confirms Ferrari -, demonstrating that each shirt is made only with Swarovski crystals».

The Jane22 – the name was born from the fantasy of Laura Ferrari – will not remain only online: «We are making contact with various boutiques – Fabio explains – both in Italy and abroad. The intention is to choose stores that are relatively distant from each other and provide each store with only one stock in the collection: those who pay so much for a t-shirt have the right not to find them all the same». Exclusivity and personalization: those who buy online can request specific modifications, for example on the length of the sleeves, on the color of the t-shirt and on the fabric. «In the future – Ferrari specifies – we would like to create garments directly at the request of our customers, in order to guarantee them unique pieces».